The program

The program:

The basic use of the house is divided into two areas. The internal seminars, which are carried out by Ananda Leone and Manuel Glasl, as well as by lecturers from the various yoga teacher training and education schools of Mr. Leone and the external rental, where the rooms and equipment are rented.

Internal seminars

  • Yoga teacher training (Advanced training for yoga teachers)
  • Detox Seminar, 10-days
  • Yoga teacher training seminars, intensive weekends (200h)
  • Intensive studies in yoga und psychology
  • Self-experience seminars through Gestalt therapy
  • Meditationsretreats
  • Silence-Seminars
  • Culture program
  • Art exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Sunday brunch with jazz music
  • Tangodance events

External rental

  • For yoga teachers
  • For therapy groups, coaching groups
  • Company trainings
  • For conferences

Wellness and ayurveda

  • For individuals for relaxation
  • with daily yoga offer

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