The potential

After the seminar house has established itself as such there are various possibilities of expansion. In the first stage of the formation and opening of the seminar house not even 50% of the available space has been converted. The growth opportunities exist particularly in the expansion of the guest area. The entire second floor of the main building can be converted into a guest area. The roof trusses of the main house, and the house next door are in their entire area also available. There, additional seminar rooms, or more guest rooms would be conceivable.

With an expanded number of guest rooms and therefore seminar participants, the need for a larger conference room to grow. To one of the roof trusses could be converted, or a new modern glass extension to be built on the first side wing. The existing clearance face is land and can accommodate an approximately 150 square meters large room that could complete the ensemble and would approach its original condition. By an external attachment, the ability to provide two independent seminars at the same time opened.

A particular potential provides all of the second wing, which can be developed into a stand-alone Ayurveda center and can thus act independently of the conference center.

The associated surrounding farmland can be used for a part as a meeting space, or be used as a camping area and on the other as a garden area for the own vegetable and fruit garden, from which especially the Ayurvedic kitchen could provide.