The marketing

The marketing is divided into three different areas. The own marketing through our already existing network. The direct external marketing by partners, as well as the marketing by the Internet.

1. Own marketing

An essential part of the marketing is built up by the own existing customer network. Here, the personal reference is in the foreground. The various yoga schools and training centers, as well as the membership in the Professional Association of German Yoga Teachers (BDY) and in the European Yoga Union (EYU) by Ananda Leone are used as a multiplier and distribution channel:

As a result of the many years of existence of the Yoga Academy Berlin (founded in 1990) and the yoga teacher training, which began every year since then, as well as the contacts as guest lecturer at BDY Congresses, a special target group emerged as potential customers. As the market shows, almost every yoga teacher, offers a yoga retreat for his / her client once or several times a year. Based on this fact, we intend to conduct promotional events in the seminar house at regular intervals, where targeted potential customers are invited.

An incentive event

Once a year, a yoga forum is held in the seminar house, where specifically trained yoga teachers are invited to get to know the benefits and atmosphere of the seminar house. Friendly guest tutors will be invited to the forum for a special incentive.

2. Partners

Another part of the marketing will be partners.

This is a service provider that focuses on teaching yoga retreats and retreats. The entire booking and processing will be taken over by the service provider. For the mediation and the booking of the offer there are only 20% agency fees.

Again, this is a service provider that arranges travel and retreats. With more than 25 years of professional experience, we see in it a good and reliable partner.

3. Internet

Search engines

To achieve further nationwide and international recognition and attention the seminar house is listed on various fallow typical search portals.


A fixed advertising budget will be used to advertise on Google. Decisive here will be the search query in the field of yoga and retreat. Desired is a nationwide range.


Likewise for Facebook advertising a fixed budget is used. Again, the ads are highlighted in the foreground to achieve nationwide attention.

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