The founders

Ananda Leone


I was born in Brazil  and grew up between the endless love of my parents and the lush tropic nature in South America. It was a very solid foundation in trust, truth, freedom and love. My grandmother was a healer and introduced me to many shamans and all kind of religions – spirituality was very present. After finishing college I discovered three passions: dance, ecology and yoga, and in the next ten years I was following them between Brazil, Europe and India. My studies as a Forster I finished in Freiburg/Germany, I was trained as a ballet dancer and performing in South America and Europe. Yoga came into my life in 1980, in 1990 we created the Yoga Akademie Berlin. At the same time I went to India to study with Dr Swami Gitananda, which was a life changing experience. Living several times for months in an ashram with a real master was intense and unforgettable. Swamiji teached an old tantric traditional yoga, wich still is the main source of my teachings. But I also travelled all over India to experience other teachers and other traditions as B.K.S. Iyengar, K.Pattabhi Jois, Sri T.K.V. Desikachar. To meet Amma, an Indian Saint, who is the pure manifestation of unconditional love and compassion, open to me a new aproach to live spirituality and teach yoga. In the urge to know better human nature, I also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine,Naturopathy and Family System Therapy.

In Berlin, we established the Yoga Akademie Berlin, Yoga Raum Berlin and Yoga Sky Berlin, in Vienna the Yoga Akademie Wien.

Bali with its spiritual traditions has been a very important part of my life since many years, where we created Bali Bliss, a wonderful yoga retreat resort, a perfect place to recharge and to connect with the divine.

For the last 25 years I am teaching yoga in regular classes, teacher trainings, retreats and conferences all over the world.


Manuel Glasl


I was born in 1983 in Frechen, married, one child. Training as a dance teacher for ballroom dancing and business education event manager (IHK), as well as study for creative writing (school of writing). Since 2015 training as Gestalt therapist at the Therapeutic Institute Berlin (T.I.B.). Since 2018 founder and manager from KORONA – Raum für Selbstwahrnehmung.

Since 2014, I work as a studio manager in the Yoga Sky Berlin, where I could apply all my experiences. The structured organization, the handling of numbers and the bookkeeping, managing the studio is as enjoyable as the communicative coexistence with people who are practicing yoga.

Since the age of 15, meditation has been an integral part of my everyday life. My regular practice gave me a special perception and empathy for others. Through the connection to the Gestalt therapy I make these feelings for others tangible. I love to see and meet people in their wholeness.

With the birth of my daughter and the simultaneous beginning of my training as integrative Gestalt therapist began for me an intense period of self-awareness. I realized how fundamental the first years of a child’s life are for its own personal development.

In our society negative feelings and emotions have no space, which too often leads to the fact that even small children can develop no sense of self and thus also build confidence in themselves, or self-confidence. When I was child I had also the feeling of not have being seeing, which made me aware of other children in my adult life.This has given me a motivation to help other people on their way to the side and to accompany them.

I wish to create a safe and secure place, where you can trust and open yourself to your inner growth.

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