The requirement

Start-up costs:

The demand is divided into the areas of the exterior renovation. Above all, the appearance of the building, and the ensemble is meant. Currently the house is berankt of grape plants. These should be removed and the entire facade is to be painted white.

Inside mainly cosmetic repairs are made. The original mostly wood planks are sanded and repaired the walls and geweist. In the guest room area, additional bathrooms to be installed to increase the comfort for the guests. Currently there is no direct connection between the guest rooms and the main house. This was closed afterwards. It is intended to restore the original connection. The electronic leads are already in a newer state but repairs are also provided here, especially in the guest rooms.

All guest rooms are equipped with new beds, mattresses, bedding, lamps, cabinets, mirrors, curtains, wardrobes, chairs, tables, bathroom utensils (hair dryer, toothbrush cup, etc.). In addition, to be purchased in all communal areas of decorative items, as well as seating.

The kitchen is newly acquired and adjusted to the needs of a seminar house. As usual equipment household appliances beabsichtig. An industrial-site facilities is not considered necessary.

The seminar rooms are equipped with adequate equipment, including yoga mats, blankets, straps, pillows, blocks, cushions, chairs. Furthermore, in each conference room sound system will be installed.

A budget for design and PR material, and the first PR Campania is needed for the launch.

As security, the fee for a caretaker and gardener with should be taken into account.

The following list serves as an overview. The detailed calculation is available and can be released on demand for inspection.


emphasize facade, repair fences, new modelieren garden  50,000 EUR


Floors sanded, repaired walls and painting  20,000 EUR
build bathroom  70,000 EUR
Connecting the main building – wing  3,000 EUR
Electrical work  7,000 EUR


Equipment rooms (beds, furniture, bedding, lamps, etc.)  25,000 EUR
Main building, public areas, reception, laundry 10,000 EUR
Features seminar rooms (mats, blankets, pillows, chairs, etc.)  5,000 EUR
Kitchen (furniture, elec. Appliances, dishes, glasses, etc.) 25,000 EUR

Start-up costs:

Design & Communication 7,500 EUR
Advertising, PR 18,000 EUR
Operation: Hardware & Software, IT, Office  5,000 EUR
Staff (janitors, gardeners) 19,500 EUR
total requirement  265,000 EUR

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