I believe in visions, I believe we all need visions to grow and to challenge ourselves. I had a vision to create in Germany a place where art, healing and yoga comes together. A place where we can slow down and reset ourselves, a place close to nature, in a beautiful pure surroundings, a house with its own soul and history, a place where time and space are not important, a place full of life but at the same time serene. A retreat where we can offer space for seminars, workshops, trainings, treatments, performances, exhibitions, cultural programs, healthy food, festivals, celebrations, weddings and rituals.

For more than ten years I am searching for a such place, that should not be very far away from Berlin, in a beautiful country side with easy access by public transport and by car, in the nature. A place to find peace to find ourselves, and to support this inner process. I found this place and I would like to invite you to be a part of this vision.

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A castle from 18th century

My idea is not to create only  a wellness oasis, but something more „special“ a kind of temple, where we can come and have a holistically experience, approaching the body, the mind and the soul fully, seeing the being as a whole. I think the time is there, where we all need to search inside of us to find the answers, to find ourselves, and rediscover life and love.


There are so many ways to create this experience, meditation, yoga, dance, Ayurveda, mindfulness, music, breathing, relaxing, eating, walking. Can you imagine a place where you are welcome just to slowdown, reconnecting with nature, be quite and peaceful, a place to discover yourself and other dimensions in life…..and offer this place to others to experience it. Changing from inside to create a bigger impact in our society.

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A place for slow down and reset

A place to integrate different forms of treatments, systems, believes, visions, teachings, and all with the same focus on expanding our human awareness, growing from inside.

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Ananda Leone

ananda_leone_bioAnanda Leone, born in 1963, grew up between Brazil, Argentina and Canada and now lives in Germany, where, since 1990, he established Berlin’s Academy for Yoga, followed by two more studios in Berlin, another Academy in Vienna and a Yoga retreat center in Bali . A man of many disciplines, Ananda graduated in Forest Engineering, danced Ballet with the Teatro Guaria Brazil, studied traditional Chinese medicine and trained as a naturopath before going to India to train with Swami Gitananda in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. The result of that trip was Ananda’s initiation into the Yogacharya lineage. In 1995 Ananda graduated as a yoga teacher from BDY, the German professional association of Yoga teachers. His passion for pranayama brought him invitations to teach at yoga conferences and festivals all over the world. Ananda creates a joyful aproach to breath and rediscovers the traditional Pranayamas, in such way his students can experience them as an essential link between the asanas and meditation.

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The next step

I can offer my experience teaching yoga for almost 30 years, the experience managing the Yoga Akademie Berlin, the Yoga Raum Berlin and Yoga Sky Berlin, and the Institut für Yogapsychologie , Creating the Yoga studio in Vienna, organizing teacher training in Berlin, Jena, Vienna and Bali, another very important experience was the few years as a general manager of the yoga retreat Bali Bliss, my big network in  yoga, and my fully trust and believe in the success of this project.

I am also aware of the risks and the relative high amount of the investment, but if I think the long term impact in five, ten or fifty years, it seems relative.

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Growing together

We are looking for few investors, who are interested to be part of this vision, I can’t warranty how many years are need to take off, I’m just sure it will take off, and you can be part of this journey.

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